Vision and Purpose

The vision for Reach International Center of Education is…

Enriching the lives of children through learning, by providing quality education that develops the whole child.

Our Core Values include…

  • Curriculum

We want to have teachers who consistently provide high quality education in the classroom demonstrated through effective, creative and engaging teaching AND We want to see our children become passionate learners, developing a desire for life-long learning

  • Character

We want to be a school that shapes the whole child, developing them beyond their academic ability

  • Community

We want to be a school community that works together for the growth of our children

Education provided by Reach International Center of Education (RICE) is based on the core values of education that equips and shapes the whole child: academic, emotional, social, spiritual and physical.

We use the Ethiopian National curriculum supplemented by the internationally recognised Cambridge International curriculum to help shape the minds of our children, laying a solid academic base for success throughout their school lives and beyond. Through the love, care and attention given by our teachers and staff members, we want to see each child grow in confidence in who they are as a person and their God-given abilities. Our goal is to create an environment that ensures respect for each other, underlined by the understanding that we all have value and worth. Drawing on curriculum material from the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), we encourage each child to develop a moral and ethical character, marking them as exemplary citizens in society. We desire to see each child grow up healthy, having an awareness of who they are physically, respecting their own and other people’s bodies.