In the 2022/23 school year Year 1 (Preparatory) to Year 12 (Grade 11) will be offered as space allows.

From previous experience Year 1 has the most opportunity to find a place but other grades often remain full with fewer number of spaces available.

To add your child / childrens’ names to our waiting list, use the link below. Please note that we do NOT carry forward names from a waiting list in past years.

In February / March we start registering siblings of children already at RICE for Year 1 (Preparatory), since siblings receive priority. We will then invite families on our waiting list, for Year 1 only, to bring their child for a Place Assessment. The purpose of the Place Assessment is to ensure a child is ready to start in Year 1. The Assessment examines English, Maths, and Amharic. Places are then allocated according to the number of spaces available and the assessment result.

In mid to late May we invite interested families for other Grade levels depending on spaces available. Families who have been on our waiting list for several years receive priority.

  1. Students requiring placement two or more years either below or above the Year recommended for their age will not usually be accepted. The table below provides a guide used to determine the appropriate age for any given Year.
  2. Successful applicants are normally admitted to RICE at the beginning of the school year. Students will only be accepted after this in exceptional circumstances.
  3. Successful applicants will be expected to pay a 14% Place Reservation deposit once the Application Form has been approved. This represents the first 14% of the annual tuition fee and is non-refundable. Failure to pay the deposit will mean the child’s place may be offered to another family.
  4. For the purpose of maintaining quality education in the classroom, RICE limits class sizes respective to the physical space in a classroom. The maximum class size for any Year is 24 students per class.

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